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The Science of Breath

In a fast paced age where stress and depression are widespread, the toll of these on physical and mental health can be extremely high. Stress, anxiety and depression are known to be significant factors in the onset and progression of a wide spectrum of illnesses ranging from cancer and HIV-1 infection, to asthma and cardiovascular disease.

The goal of the International Association for Human Values (IAHV) is to provide people from all layers of society with practical and effective tools, derived from the ancient yogic science of breath, to alleviate stress, improve health and increase wellness. The International Association for Human Values International Research and Health Promotion Center aims to promote timely and scholarly investigation on these practices as they relate to physical, social, and emotional well-being.

Sudarshan Kriya® and its accompanying practices (SK&P), taught by the International Association for Human Values Foundation world-wide, are time-honored stress management/health promotion techniques whose health benefits are being validated by modern medical science.

Independent research has shown that SK&P significantly:
  • Reduces levels of stress (reduce cortisol - the "stress" hormone)
  • Supports the immune system
  • Increases optimism
  • Relieves anxiety and depression (mild, moderate and severe)
  • Increases anti-oxidant protection
  • Enhances brain function (increased mental focus, calmness and recovery from stressful stimuli)
  • Enhances well-being and peace of mind

These simple, yet powerful breathing practices have a unique advantage: they are free from unwanted side-effects, can cut health care costs, and are easy to learn and practice in daily life.

We welcome research collaborations and suggestions from all interested parties.